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Thread: The Rules of the forum

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    The Rules of the forum Forum Rules! (updated 12-10-11)

    • Do not bash anyone within this forum. This is the number 1 rule here. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE for this. If you have a problem with a poster, work it out via private message, but dont do it in the forum. Breaking balls is ok once in a while, as long as it doesnt start getting personal.

      Do not tout plays you have for sale, or that you post on another site.

      Do not send private messages recruiting members to competing forums, or to sell service plays.

      Do not post any banners, ads, promotions for sportsbooks without talking with the Admin (Me) first.

      Do not put a link anywhere in your post or signiture directing members to your site without linking back to our forum.

      Do not post ANY hardcore porn. If you are going to post pictures/gifs etc, do so in the appropriate forum.

      Don't be a dick and post plays on the trackers when they are almost over, or already over.

      Do not have any nudity in your avatar.

    The forum is for us to chat and kill time. Treat it as such. Its not a place to conduct personal buisness, or get into childish bickering.

    If there are any questions, you can direct them to

    Admin - IWS Zak

    Senior Mods - RedhottG2

    MMA Mods - Luke & SPX

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    No hardcore porn?

    Peace out.

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