By all means, post your games in your individual threads, I love to see that, but if you want your plays to be graded and tallied througout the season, post em in here too.

What will be tracked?
-Full Game Sides and totals

What will not be tracked
-Period and sides or totals
-Parlays & Teasers
-Games posted after they are played
-Games that do not have a line with the team

After the conclusion of the weeks games, the updated tally will be updated HERE

If you would like to see the results of previous NHL trackers, you can do so HERE

Tracker Winners from previous seasons:
NHL 2008-09 jokester 33-26 +6.45 units
NHL 2009-10 Vanquisher 24-17 +4.56 units
NHL 2010-11 Scottie D 6-2 +9.2 units
NHL 2011-12 Mr. IWS 3-0 +3.25 units
NHL 2012-13 Mr. IWS 3-0 +3 units
NHL 2013-14 skeeter 145-126 +18.56 units