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Thread: Week 5 NFL betting contest tracker

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    Week 5 NFL betting contest tracker

    $100 Amazon gift card contest rules:

    -Anyone can join the contest at any time.
    -Winner is the person with the best win % at the end of the season
    -1st place gets $100 Amazon gift card
    -2nd place gets $50 Amazon gift card
    -3rd place gets an InvestWithSports T-shirt
    -Must have a minimum of 50 bets in the tracker by the time the season ends.
    -The only bets that count, are those in the tracker, not your personal thread.
    -The contest ends after the last game of the season (Super Bowl)
    -Pro bowl game does not count.
    -In the event of a tie, the Prize will be split evenly.
    -If I win, I will give the prize to the 2nd place finisher.

    What will be tracked?
    -Full Game Sides and totals

    What will not be tracked
    -Money Line plays
    -Quarter and Half sides or totals
    -Parlays & Teasers
    -Games posted after they are played
    -Games that do not have a line with the team

    After the conclusion of the weeks games, the updated tally will be updated HERE

    If you would like to see the tracker results from previous seasons, you can do so HERE

    Tracker Winners from previous seasons:
    NFL FB 2007 RedHottG2 38-24 %61
    NFL FB 2008 timbob 12-5 %71
    NFL FB 2009 SaintsNtheU 15-9 %63
    NFL FB 2010 Chico1856 24-16 %60
    NFL FB 2011 Mr. IWS 49-37 %57
    NFL FB 2012 lanahan13 18-11 %62
    NFL FB 2013 roundhouse tommy 19-14 %58
    NFL FB 2014 desertdog 46-36 %56
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