By all means, post your games in your individual threads, We love to see that, but if you want your plays to be graded and tallied throughout the season, post them in here too.

What will be tracked?
-Full Game Sides and totals

What will not be tracked
-Money Line plays
-Quarter and Half sides or totals
-Parlays & Teasers
-Games posted after they are played
-Games that do not have a line with the team

Ideally, we run the tracker from Friday to Thursday and After the conclusion of the weeks games, they are graded and will be updated Friday mornings HERE

If you would like to see the Results of previous seasons tracker results, you can do so HERE

2007-08 666les 29-22 57%
2008-09 HUSKERPOWER 22-16 58%
2009-10 Mr. IWS 10-9 53%
2010-11 biggmac419 8-7 53%
2011-12 lanahan13 15-13 54%
2012-13 Natural Born Thriller 32-24 57%
2013-14 DaKid 66-57 54%
2014-15 Natural Born Thriller 21-17 55%
2015-16 Natural Born Thriller 22-13 63%