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All in all, an excellent field presence and with the feeling that there can be no doubt that he will be among the running backs that Vance Joseph, Broncos coach, will take with him throughout the year.

Because during the week it was glimpsed from the franchise that veteran Charles was playing the post . The last two seasons he was injured by injuries and did not play much, as well as not seeming to himself when he did. His signing for a division rival was seen more as a coin tossed into the air than as a future plan. Both CJ Anderson and Devontae Booker start ahead of him in the team hierarchy and position.

So his debut in this third preseason game was crucial. And he knew because Joseph himself told him: we want to see if you are recovered and if you are to contribute.

The answer has been affirmative and forceful.

After this match it is easy to imagine that Jamaal Charles will be important in the Denver Broncos this year. And they will need it. The team continues to have an elite defense, but the attack suffers a lot if the non-carb racing game . In the last season they missed CJ Anderson a lot after his injury and now with Trevor Siemian named quarterback, obviously they need a litter of important runners to hold the attack, hold the drives and move the chains. This is the only way to maximize the team's options.

And, in that sense, health will be the key. Health that has affected them with insistence in the position. If CJ Anderson, Devontae Booke and, as we may say, Jamaal Charles are healthy, the choices of the Denver Broncos in 2017 multiply exponentially. The example of yesterday's party proves it.